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Another INTJ (or INTP) Tidbit Revealed…

Yes, I’m a new blogger trying to find my way. No secret there. I will figure out how to make my home page separate from my blog pages at some point – yes, I will read the directions at some point (when I find it relevant – INTJ thing.) The personal tidbit: the genetic propensity to make even a short story long. Yes, I know how to write and edit a story. I learned that years ago. And my work calls for strict adherence to guidelines that drive people to jump from cliffs and others to pay big bucks for editing services. (Personally, I love the APA guidelines and embrace them and it drives me to distraction when professors chose APA format for courses that another writing style would be more appropriate.) But this is not for a class, work or scientific publication. I am writing for a different reason and it is a journey for me. And that involves telling stories. And when Brewster girls tell stories, we skip important details, make leaps of logic, are tangential, at times circumstantial…

Eventually we get to the point,(provided we remember what it is.) The route may be scenic, but we get there. 😉
Milw winterwinter pic
Please come along for the ride. Those who have jumped on over the years have clung on for dear life – for life. The few that opted out? Heck, they were out anyway, they just didn’t notice. Which begs the question:

Have I neglected to post my family motto? My large, catholic, 8-kids-in-12-years, motto? The one that drives my mother to the edge? That my cousins readily embrace? That all of OUR children love and agree with? “We put the ‘fun’ back in dysfunctional.” (I believe that just paraphrases a favorite author of mine – G. B. Shaw: “If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”)

See, my mom spent my entire life telling herself, and us, our family was “normal.” (As a medical professional, I acknowledge the mind’s protective need for denial. As an adult child of this family: omg and wtf.)

Much of what I am writing and revealing, if you pay close attention, are the inner thought processes of an INTJ/P mind. The process of writing it out is slow and painful – I want to edit the hell out of it and put it in APA format and submit it to an editor for proofing. I had to make rules for myself with this blog – I write, I spell-check,I provide credit to the proper people – and then I post. The grammar gods, editors, censors and critics are banished from blogging world. The aforementioned all live in my head. I welcome comments of every type from anyone who passes through my blogged brain –

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