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Buried Treasures

Most of the sibs and their kids live within an hour’s drive of the home we grew up in, the one in which our parents still live. It is a white brick house on top of a hill, surrounded by woods on two sides and somewhat open on the other. There are several huge, untrimmed pine trees in the open front yard – we could jump over them as kids. There were many more planted saplings, but we use to use them for bases in softball games or goals of some sort, and they eventually gave up the ghost.

oak rock

There is an old oak tree, now dwarfed by the pines, with a large rock next to it – I remember both were there when we moved in. Somewhere in the front yard is one boot that got sucked off Martha’s foot by the mud the first spring we moved in before the grass (weeds) grew in. She was #4 and it took the strength of all 3 of us to safe her from the fate of her boot. We saved her life! Thank God! But the three of us were scolded for losing her boot in the mud – it was sucked under so fast. Someday, someone will uncover it. I wonder what they will think of that one red rubber boot…

Should the same person be ambitious and decide to dig in the backyard they may get lucky and find a treasure that we buried and never recovered. I’m sure the brown paper bag is long gone, but the plastic items will go surely last longer than the Mayan ruins – a red ketchup bottle, a glow in the dark rosary, one saddle shoe, a pink flip-flop, and 11 pennies. I’m not sure how we decided on this collection of items but of these facts I am certain: my mother gave us the ketchup bottle; only 3 of my sisters and I know of all the contents of the buried treasure; Martha got her first pair of new shoes a week later; and when we talk about the missing buried treasure these days, we never, ever mention the rosary, knowing that our mother would start a full excavation of the 3 acre back yard to find that rosary.


Now I am wondering … what would she do… ?

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