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Isak Dinesen, The Angelic Avengers and how one book leads to another

Sometimes someone says exactly what I want to say. Color Afoot!’s suggestion to view

“Out of Africa”

before reading the treasure she recommends is excellent! Watching the moving prior to reading any of the Blixen/Dinesen’s work will create the experience which is described in the post I reblogged.

Color Afoot!

EPSON MFP imageBefore you read The Angelic Avengers, by Isak Dinesen © 1946, you might want to see the movie Out of Africa, from 1985, based on her book by the same name, about her life.  If you see this movie you can imagine her telling you this story, getting wrapped in the spell of her enchantment.  Isak Dinesen is the pen name of Baroness Karen Blixen, who  “had a farm in Africa at the foot of  the Ngong Hills”, in Kenya.  She managed this farm for 17 years, during which she enchanted her friends and lover with stories like this book, after which she returned to Denmark in 1931, when she began to write.  I think having that experience before reading this book enhances it, turns it into a story she is speaking to you, which it is, but having a perspective of this wonderful storyteller adds a fine…

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