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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

The color of quiet – This picture was taken on a foggy night this winter. It is a color photograph.

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  1. It’s a fairly transparent set of possibilities. I see a LOT of color in this; for really blue is a subset of the grey-scale and in yellow-white. Do you have a higher resolution picture of this same photo? I guess I ask because of my acute sensitivity to light;color;sound;smell. ( I have a multi dimensional form of synesthesia. Words ‘feel’ and have colors, as do sounds. Some tones have “taste” )

  2. That photo could be a prompt itself. Stories of ghosts, magic, and mystery are all possible….

    • Great ideas, thanks! I guess we all see different things in pictures. For me, pure silence and peace. I can see where most people would see a haunting atmosphere now that you point it out. (As did Rowan…) oh my…

  3. Thanks! Still amazed at what a decent digital camera can capture when everything is just right.

  4. WOW!! Beautifully eerie, rich with mystery! Good eye, great snap!

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