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Tasha the Fairy Godmother

Tasha the Fairy Godmother

“Tasha is like a fairy godmother who doesn’t grant wishes. You want her around even though she won’t do anything for you.”

~~my 16 year old daughter regarding our Maine Coon cat.

P.S. The Fairy Godmother Disappeared (or I am Doomed!)

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  1. I think your daughter has cats down perfectly. That being said, I wish I could have one, but my husband is too allergic. I tell him that’s what inhalers are for, but that doesn’t go over too well…

    • Agree again! Wise bunch of bloggers! I thought that is why inhalers were invented. Two dogs and 2 cats… we can’t live without them. (I didn’t develop allergies until my early 20’s, and my son did about year ago.) We’ve been up to 3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 tarantula, temporary foster dogs, the wild cats I catch-spay-release. We won’t count the raccoons that moved into the drop ceiling between the finished basement and first floor. (Family of 4.)
      Or the bats in my belfry.

      • I better not tell my sons that! They’ll never let my husband hear the end of it. We had a dog for 8 days and had to give it back because Mr. R couldn’t tolerate the dander. If they knew you had allergies and still had all those pets, well, let’s just say their father wouldn’t stand a chance…


  1. The Fairy Godmother Disappeared (or I am Doomed!) | Anne Squared

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