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Through Her Eyes

This picture “Through Her Eyes” has captured my heart and soul. Joe, the artist created this in memory of his daughter. He has graciously allowed me to post this picture from his blog. Please, take a visit to his blog and enjoy the special talent that is, well, like walking into a special magical place. I don’t know how else to put it into terms.

More thoughts about “Through Her Eyes” (added 4.27.13)

When I clicked onto Joe’s Blog the very first time, this was the first picture I saw. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I am hypercritical of my personal choices for art; I prefer empty walls to decorator “filler” pictures. It has been years since a piece of art has impacted me as this one has – multi-layer, inter-woven, to the core of my being – or, a very deep level. 😉

(No, it isn’t just the horses. I know what some of you are thinking.)

The few pieces I have collected over the years continue to affect me as much, if not more than when they came to live with me. The artwork in my home is not to decorate or color coordinate the room. It is part of the soul of the home, wherever home may be.

I appreciate art on other merits, but my collection is very personal. This is how my mother taught me to collect art, and the (yawn) 4 years of liberal arts college with the 4 terms of required art appreciation. And all the museums. And exhibits. My mom is an artist. I may not be an artist, but I can learn and I do feel.

I am a concrete, analytical thinker who knows what I know and knows what I don’t know. And I know I saw the work, a new (for me) technology for art (and Joe writes stories, too.) I am introverted. Art and creativity – outside my comfort zone. It took me awhile to get up the nerve to ask – “May I please reblog, there is something so special about this picture.” He so kindly agreed and offered a few words about the inspiration of the art. And I am very grateful for his kind words and feel as though I have been given a special gift.

This one felt different to me. Thank you for sharing this, Joe.

Walk the Wolf

Through Her Eyes

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6 replies

  1. Thank you Anne, for all of this, and for sharing this journey from the head to the heart. Your generosity of spirit and your willingness to act has touched me… across the canvas we share.

  2. Anne, you’re right, it’s beautiful.


  3. I needed to bring in some beauty after the last few posts…

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