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INTJ my brainy buddy

For all you INTJ’s and seeker’s of knowledge on INTJ’s, here is an excellent description of how an INTJ will think things out. The writer compares ENTP to INTJ and describes how the “E” and “I” influence the “NT” functions. This is a more indepth explanation of the interpretation of latter versions of the MBTI – but holds to the stereotypes of the INTJ that we often see.Her clarity gave me a moment 🙂

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  1. I’m an ISFJ…only for the I and J there…I don’t know what my other half is, he hates MBTI and anything of that kind 🙂 He doesn’t believe in it but I’m pretty sure he’s got an E and T if he took it.

  2. Big topic of discussion in my house. It’s interesting food for thought.

  3. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’m still trying to figure this out because I am INTJ hahaha.

    • I am glad you found it useful in your quest for more knowledge! Our “INTJ” is our “default” mode or comfort zone. We can learn to “flex” into other areas, or shift outside – say into ENFP – depending on the assignment or task.

      Please pass along any INTJ tidbits you might find 🙂

  5. I also am an INTJ, yet I love your thoughts. I think we remain friends because we are both scientists, and we both have lofty goals and we just like eachother. Myers-Briggs is fascinating, but it misses nuances.

    • So glad to have your feedback, have always valued it! Needless to say, I agree w/ your assessment 😉 of remaining friends over the miles and the years.

      Also agree that the basic profile interpretations presented at online sites do miss nuances. I was thrilled to read the blog I re-posted because the writer carries the application further than the basics, all based on the first version of MBTI.

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