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The Two Cultures

If you are an artist, a scientist, a life-long learner…
If you are curious about the world around you, the past, the future, the potential…
The please visit this amazing blog – If you don’t care for the science, the art will amaze you. If you don’t care for the either, my hope is you will take the time to look at this, and perhaps appreciate in a new way the invisible world – and the people who devote their lives to advancing the sciences. Without an understanding the artistic or scientific technology, many of the wondrous exhibitions are tied to issues which are relevant in our society today – I will leave those up to you to find.
I’m on the theme of “Culture” 🙂

Exploring The Invisible


As the title says the images are of two cultures, not art and science, then perhaps they are. The cultures are of bacteria, the red one being Serratia marscens and the other Proteus mirabilis. The cultures have grown and spread from their original  point of inoculation, but then become aware of each other. They appear to be tentatively exploring each other, and perhaps deciding what to next.

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4 replies

  1. Unlike your daughter, I love to see mold and germs

    • Maybe I was an artist way ahead of my time and just didn’t realize it – think of all the creative genius that got thrown away from the refrigerator w/ tupperware as a medium… omg, what was I thinking… better yet, what was what’s his name thinking? Those were my “experiments”! My art!

  2. ooooohhhhh! wowww… This is so cool.

    • Oh, Zen – my thoughts exactly and just the tip of the iceberg. His work is, imo, amazing. I am in awe of creativity… but I don’t lack the ability to appreciate 🙂

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