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The true meaning of rescue

Golden retrievers are a very special breed. Loving, kind, gentle…they want to please their “family.” Golden’s have been part of my family for 25 years. My last two GR’s came from a rescue organization – the last one was a temporary foster for them. (I had to stop the temp foster aspect of volunteering.) The stories behind the referrals are as varied as the dogs – but the ones that are the most disturbing are the ones involving willful neglect and/or abuse. (Both of the mine were in these categories.)
This “intake” is just the beginning of a new life for “Rose.”
I am reblogging this so people are aware of the level of dedication of those involved in well-coordinated, organized rescue work. Most of us see the the the result of days, weeks and sometimes months of work, to prepare our these wonderful animals for transition into a family home with no idea of the effort behind the scene…
A great big “Thanks!” to the people who donate their time caring for the animals in need of rescue – the transportations, the intakes, the fostering, the training, the veterinarians who donate or discount their fees, the organizations who monitor the progress of their “charges” in the new homes…”

Gardens For Goldens

When a dog arrives at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue, they are welcomed quietly and typically allowed to run or roam in one of the large yards to de-stress and acclimate to their new environment. Over the next couple of days, they spend some time with us for evaluation, are checked by the vet, and have their pictures taken when they are relaxed and feeling more comfortable with their new routine.

This pup’s welcome was a little different with urgent issues to address.


Rose was rescued from a shelter. Had she not been released to us, her fate was pretty clear. She would not sit or lie down through the transport. When she arrived at the adoption center and sanctuary, she could barely walk, perhaps indicating some type of neurological disorder? Most obviously, she was covered in a thick layer of mats from head to tail.


She arrived very…

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  1. It breaks my heart to see animals treated inhumanely. Thank goodness for these rescue folks. Their hearts are huge and their dedication admirable. And that dog Huck has gorgeous eyes!

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