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Friday Fictioneers – Heat of the Night

ImagePhotograph, Copyright – Danny Bowman


The heat of the night

The panic pervasive

I reach for the phone

Dial tone? It’s dead.

Pumped full of quarters I hear

A connection – 911’s ringing but no

One is answering what’s happening?

“911 what’s your emergency?”

Oh Thank God! Panic is absolute

I tell of the danger the footsteps the evil.

Come help me! Where are you? I don’t know!

Can’t you tell? The phone call disconnects.

Sweltering heat eyes stinging with tears more

Quarters more footsteps more laughter now blood.

It’s ringing! “9-1-1 what is your emergency?”

Rasping. The phone cord dangles separate from the box.


100 words.

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this group – one picture, 100 words to tell the story. There are many talented writers – I hope I get the link correct this week!  I think I did – the frog should take you to some other great writers!

Me? I’m just dangling my toes in the pool.

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14 replies

  1. Such a real story. I could feel the breathless panic!

  2. Brilliantly intense!
    Well written!

  3. Dear Anne,
    A lot of tension in this one. Ominous.

  4. I was definitely caught up in the tension! Good work.

  5. Oh, that’s terrifying. Very realistic. Could feel the panic rising, until well …. Where’s 911 when you reallllly need them? Well done!

  6. I wonder about that “where are you?”, too, although now, with cell phones that can be tracked, GPS’s, etc., maybe it’s not as much of an issue. Of course when you’re terrified, rational thought would tend to go out the window anyway.


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