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Celebrate Life (…. Tears in My Eyes)

I read a wide variety of blogs. “Suzansays” opens up her world in a warm and welcoming way, quietly.  Once I got the rhythm of her writing, I could feel powerful energy underneath. When she isn’t posting, I miss her words. I miss her!


(Photo credit: ♥ForUrEyeZOnly♥)

The energy blew and fireworks lit the sky last week when she became a grandmother. I couldn’t help myself – I was looking for the announcement! I grinned and mentally did a happy dance for her. And I continued to read the blog she which she began before the baby was born, and concluded after she saw her granddaughter for the first time. I finished her post, not just with tears in my eyes, but crying.
Suzan has graciously given me permission to post what she wrote:

I understand now why grandparents go on and on about their grandchildren.  I was amazed to see how quickly my heart opened to Sophia and how strongly my love for her was the instant I saw her.

I would give my life for this baby – without thought, without hesitation, without regret.

Dear God, craft and create in me the grandmother Sophia needs me to be and empower me to be all and do all I should for and with her.  Be with Sophia. Bless her, protect her, provide for her every need…. Bless her parents and grant them wisdom for the days and years ahead. Empower them to love her and teach her – to grow her into a healthy, happy woman capable of engaging life with all she is, living fully in the present and leaning hard toward the future.  Bless her grandparents and aunts and uncle, her cousin and the multitude of friends as they love, care for and assist this young family.

She shares the excitement so please take a peek. But this part – my heart melted. How blessed is this little one and shouldn’t every child have a grandma or nana to welcome her, or him, into the world with so much love and joy and good wishes and Wisdom. Lots of that.
Thank you, Suzan – Whatever Sophia decides to call you, I’m sure you will cherish the name. Congratulations!

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10 replies

  1. They just turned 5 and 3. And it seems like my parents have been at my house as much as theirs, some 600 miles away, over these last two months.

  2. Wonderful! I pray for many of those same attributes each Sunday in church, being the dad of two magnificent adopted girls. Mainly for Wisdom to help bring God’s gifts to their full potential that they may make him happy. And I know my parents feel the same about these girls. Hurray for Grandparents!

  3. I don’t use this word much, but Sophia is BLESSED! I can’t conceive of being loved like that. Melting here. Thanks for posting this. It really lifted my heart.

  4. “Dear God, craft and create in me the grandmother Sophia needs me to be and empower me to be all and do all I should for and with her.” What a beautiful prayer and what a lovely desire, to be crafted and created by God, the grandmother that little Sophia needs. It is selfless and a true sacrifice of love…I can’t imagine God not granting Suzanne this most precious desire.

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