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An INTJ Quote -…

An INTJ Quote – Harlan Ellison

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.

Harlan Ellison



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  1. This INTJ loves this a lot. Too many people now days have their opinions and think that is ALL they need: Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But NO ONE is entitled to be ignorant.

  2. How perfect! I’m jumping up and down shooting off fireworks on the inside for how much my brain loves this. On the outside I’m blankly typing (of course).

  3. As an INTJ, I must say that I cannot agree more!

  4. Superficially attractive…in the context of people who have the chance of a real education.
    Underlying it is the question of opinion forming when society is totalitarian, when society is split between those who have access to the skills of sifting evidence and those who are excluded from same.

    • Hi Helen. I appreciate what you are saying.
      The quote needs to be kept in context of the INTJ personality type. An INTJ would not be critical of a person who did not have an education or access to information (circumstances beyond their control.)

      The quote is twofold – it comments on the INTJ’s ability to recognize inconsistencies in logic or patterns, and their ability to learn the information to understand the entire situation. As Pat said in her comment above, “many opinions that are merely parroting of someone’s rhetoric.” And that is the frustration INTJ’s have with the “uninformed” opinion.

      To address the issue of forming an informed opinion in a totalitarian society – This INTJ would ask: which totalitarian regime or level of totalitarianism are you referring to? An informed opinion is possible, but speaking it aloud may not be a good idea.

      • It’s the opportunity or lack of it to arrive at an informed opinion which is vital.
        I take your point that you are speaking within a format, but i do wonder about the actual usefulness of the format…but i’m happy to learn!

  5. ah, this INTJ loves it!

  6. Agree with this–way too many opinions that are merely parroting of someone’s rhetoric

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