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Trifextra: Week Seventy

ImagePhoto credit: mohammadali / / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: mohammadali / / CC BY-NC-SA

“What?!! I don’t believe you! You are lying…”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…I mean I…”

“Shut-up! No more, you idiot, stupid fool. The next time you plan a picnic, bring the fucking picnic basket.”

33 words total

The Trifextra challenge this weekend:exactly 33 words inspired by the picture at the top.

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10 replies

  1. *hahaha* I was expecting something much darker, given the first few lines. I loved the bait-and-switch!

  2. One would think that would be at the top of the list but no, no…He must have been too nervous about the date!

    Thank you for linking up!

  3. I can claim to have forgotten obvious things too haha Great piece!

  4. Hahaha, yup, that’s got to be it!

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