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20 Ways Horse Riding Becomes Life Itself

Horses have always been my passion. In the last year, they have been healing me…this explains how horses can have such an impact on our lives. At least on mine.

Horse Listening

* This article is a featured interview on The Dressage Radio Show! Click here if you want to listen to my commentary about many of the points made in the article below.*

At first, horse riding is just like any other skill you want to learn. You put some effort in and eventually become more effective as time goes on.

At some point, things begin to change. Somehow, without you necessarily knowing about it, the lessons the horses have taught you start materializing in your daily activities, even when the circumstances have nothing at all to do with horses.

So you could say that horses are our teachers. Not only do we grow in terms of physical ability, but perhaps even more so, we grow in character.

While we develop as riders, we also grow as human beings. Situations that used to affect us one way no longer bother us…

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