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Please Read My Error-Ridden Autobiography!

This is hysterical!! I am not an author offering free books, nor am I anyone worthy of a biography – as the fledgling author in question believes she is… But I am an avid reader – with a wicked sense of humor 🙂 Thank you Lynn Schneider!

Lynn Schneider Books

Oops! Road SignRecently I received an offer for a free copy of an autobiography by a new author. I don’t think this person is famous, but I’m not sure. It took me a very long time to figure out why anyone should care about the Kardashians so maybe this author is famous and I just don’t know it. The author is extending her book offer for two days and is hoping scads of people will say, “Wow, I have been waiting for something like this to happen! Look! An autobiography of someone I don’t know anything about!”

The author goes on to say:

I would also appreciate some ‘honest’ reviews and I really do mean HONEST.  I would not be offended by negative reviews; I want to know how people view the tale as a whole and the presentation style.  I am aware there are some errors in text, punctuation and grammar…

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