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Trifecta: Summer (days gone by…)

Long Summer Days Gone By… pool

Lying sunward, eyes closed.

Chlorine, Coppertone,

Lemon juice, Herbal Essence,

Burgers, fries, Fresca,

Baby oil, Flex Shampoo, whispered secrets,

Warm beach towels, baking bodies,

Lifeguard whistle,

Drift to sleep….





~~33 words~~

Summer, 1973. File Public Domain, Environmental Protection Agency. Schaefer, Harry, Photographer

Summer, 1973. File Public Domain, Environmental Protection Agency. Schaefer, Harry, Photographer

Summers were predictable and soothing. Our mothers watched us as young children, we were on our own as soon as we could swim the length of the olympic sized pool. We met at 10:00 am and left around 3:00 pm, after “prime tanning” time was over. We trained as lifeguards and worked there during the summers, still in our bikinis, calves white from sitting in the chairs – “lifeguard tan.” 30, 40 years later, we all  cringe when we hear the game of “MP” shouted by the next generation of children. At least we can legally drink the gin and tonics now. And the kids have sunscreen. 😉


This is dedicated to CEC, JB, LF, KF, MK – and our many summers of secret whispers. And the guys RW, RE, BS, DS, GF- what did you think we were whispering about?

Las Vegas lifeguard

(Photo credit: Alan Light)

This week’s challenge – “Summer” in 33 words. I flew back a few years and had a nice visit with some wonderful friends 🙂



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32 replies

  1. I didn’t do much of the tanning thing as I was a tomboy playing fast pitch softball all summer. That gave me some weird tan lines!! From what my husband’s said, several of my s-i-l’s were totally into tanning. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane, though.


    • Thanks for your comment-
      I don’t remember organized sports for girls where I grew up. But then I lived miles outside of a very small town – but there was a swimming pool and golf course.
      Loved bike riding though.

      • I grew up in Omaha which was, at least at that time, the city with the most softball per capita. My mom played fast pitch before I was born, so I never had anyone telling me I couldn’t play because I was a girl. 🙂 We rode bikes, too.

  2. I nominated you for an a “Shine On” award. Go to (6-18) for details.

  3. This said Summer of 68 to me exactly.

  4. Your summer’s sound well-spent. 😉

  5. fast forward about 5 years and you have my teen summers, too. 🙂

  6. OMG! We must be the exact same age (29)! I VIVIDLY remember every sight, smell, and sound in this post. Beautifully done in 33 words!!!

    • No WAY! I am 29, too! And all my friends that worked there 🙂
      Not enough words, I couldn’t think of it…sun oil which smell of coconut oil? Not expensive…?
      Glad you enjoyed it. (Only marred by the M…P… parroting.)

  7. Your summer memories and all the details they included are bang on. I’ve got a craving for a Fresca right now. Loved your line afterwards about being able to legally drink nowadays. Ha! Ha!

  8. You captured the chaos and joy of a summer pool very well. I love all of the smells and tastes you included.

    Thank you for linking up. Please be sure to return for the voting!

  9. I could close my eyes and imagine myself at the pool through your words ^__^

  10. I remember those summers of 12 and 13, when I still lived in the South and it was possible to get tan.

    Hey–I’m a Trifectan too and was excited to see a Public Health tab in your menu! I have a MPH and work as a public health consultant 🙂

  11. One thing good about having a dark complexion. I never had the compulsion to tan. I just played in the pool. I tanned once or twice but I never got the hang of it.

  12. i felt that summer…man its been a long time since its been so golden sweet and deviously innocent. awesome.

  13. You captured so many of the scents and sounds of summer! Great job!


  1. A New Fragrance!! for my Summer Scent…. | Anne Squared

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