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When I’m too tired to eat…

Pass-through town on RAGBRAI XXXIII

Pass-through town on RAGBRAI XXXIII (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iris is on the mark – and ready for RAGBRAI!! She has been training, and has quite a story to tell. She is an inspiration to me, to many!
She offers some great information… please take a look at her blog!

the rubenesque cyclist

…you know I’m REALLY tired. I rode my bike 78 miles yesterday, and after we got home I made beautiful salads with Swiss chard, and beets, and fresh peas, and goat cheese. And I was too tired to eat more than half the salad. I just had to lie down, and I never really got up again until this morning.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, so my spouse & I took advantage of the holiday to do our longest ride of the year thus far. We pedaled about sixteen miles to a meeting place, where three friends parked their cars. From there we rode 20 miles farther, to a little town called Wolcott, IN where the 45th annual Wolcott Festival was in full swing.

We spent a couple hours there. We got festival food, and chatted with folks in the pavilion about cycling. We walked around and looked at…

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  1. Hi, Anne! Thanks for the reblog. My spouse insists I’m ready for RAGBRAI right now, even more ready than I was two years ago. I’m not so sure! I think actually knowing what RAGBRAI is like is what’s intimidating me. Last time I went into it blissfully ignorant, lol!

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