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In The Words Of My Inner Samuel L. Jackson

I will add a rant… though it is a little dated.

I was pulled over once by an unmarked car – he said I cut him off. He had to have been going 90 mph to get the the exit he was at least 1/2 mile down the interstate when I moved to exit. He ranted, raged, threatened to have me thrown in jail – all sorts of verbal abuse. I was scared to death (a public area at least.) I finally insisted he write a ticket and I would see him in court, or return my license. I was done with the disrespect and abuse. He threw the lisc and stormed off.

I copied down the plate number, vehicle description, time, location, date, etc.

I called the station later in the day, to advise re the incident – either someone was A. impersonating an officer or B. a rude and obnoxious detective w/ less than professional behavior. A call came back soon telling me there was no plate number in the state system – I must have copied the number down wrong. “Sorry, lady.”
Me: “Aren’t you concerned then, that there is a man driving a Crown Vic, pulling over single women, pretending to be a police officer?”
Me: “I wrote it down 3 different times.”
Then remembered something I read in a novel ….I asked “Did you look in the database for all vehicles registered to the state? I know they are kept in a separate repository than the public plates.”
No, they didn’t look there.

They looked, it was there, they traced the car to the detective assigned. I wanted to talk to his supervisor.
The supervisor was a “buddy” not a supervisor.
(See, a case of – I know what I know and I know what I don’t know. I just didn’t know it at the time.)
So, I had to dress out of my “mommy sweats” and ponytail – put on the suit, the business attire, and head on down to the big boss’ office.

I am a firm believer in logic, justice – I will think outside the box, incorporate new ideas, and change my mind – but do not lie to me. That is not the right thing to do.

And now, all I can think of is that poor, old detective, buttons straining on his shirt against his belly, all worked up at 9am… How many cardio risk factors was he carrying around? And the only way he knew to vent them was at a dressed down “dumb” housewife?

Karma, folks…

Meet Karma:

karma perched (Photo credit: greyloch) with permission

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5 replies

  1. You are my hero! Good for you for carrying through and not just walking away mumbling. A badge doesn’t give anyone the right to talk down to a civilian when they are not committing any offense other than being in the cops way.

    Loved this post!

  2. Good on you.

  3. Yes – I hope you noted my sarcastic tone and relentless pursuit of the truth 🙂
    They noticed when I showed up to file a complaint with IAD. Thank goodness a suit from corporate days fit. My INTJ was on full-tilt justice… They should not have lied to me.
    A sincere apology would have been accepted.

  4. A “buddy”. They are all “buddies”. And we are all “dumb” housewives.

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