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From the past

My daughter celebrates her 17th birthday today. Her identical twin sister, will not turn 17 for several weeks. Their certificate of birth is the same document, but the date translated differently for the separate adoptions.
What I know of her birth story, she knows. My travel to Nepal and stay in Nepal had only one goal – to bring my daughter home. There are few, if any pictures.
I thank “A Secret Notebook” for reading seeing my post and responding with pictures that help her learn more about Nepal. She has seen the pictures and sends her thanks. She is a bright, creative young woman who hopes to return to return someday – though she has no love of the traditional Nepali diet. (I tried.)
I wish I could post her picture – may somehow, someday, her image could get to her family in Dailekh. I know the letters sent have not been delivered.

Location map of Dailekh District (wp-EN), in N...

Location map of Dailekh District in Nepal (wp-EN). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Secret Notebook

I have posted some photos from my Dailekh visit and for one of my fellow blogger as the answer of a comment on my previous post. It was a very short stay there, I couldn’t capture much, but I hope it helps somehow.

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