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Sarcasm Saturday (or What Tickles my INTJ Funnybone)


Irony (Photo credit: madamepsychosis)

I think some of these will be appreciated by an audience greater than 2-3 percent of the population – so enjoy the irony, sarcasm, humor.

The collection is varied but the dry (at times dark) humor is there.



Photo credit unknown: please submit if you know so I can verify and give credit where due.

What is with the next 2 signs? Does this information need to be posted?

All I can conclude is…the signs are there because some “genius” had violated the animals’ space. I think this bears (pun intended) witness to the fact that our country is filled with selfish idiots. Take a look:

Seriously – we need to be cautioned about this?


Β And at which resort DO the trees move?enhanced-buzz-20973-1370878745-1

Last, the irony of technology – autocorrect:


These are some of the mild ones – but still gave me a good chuckle. Β I hope you find at least a couple in the selection to enjoy!

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14 replies

  1. Can you tell me more about sarcasm through the MBTI lens? I tend to interpret sarcasm as a defense mechanism, but you might have some more information about it. I have lots of thought about this, but sadly today is Day #1 of back-to-work post-RAGBRAI. Later!

  2. Well, trees move of their own accord in Middle Earth. But they’re Entish, not trees so to speak. I like the first two.

  3. Definitely had a few genuine laugh out loud moments reading these… some people really do have a wicked sense of humor to come up with those! πŸ™‚

  4. LOL! Very funny post, and great pics!

  5. Hey man, if you thought the tree was scary, wait and see what the llama will do to you

    • Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Llamas are great animals and I appreciate their uniqueness. What I get a kick out of is the strangeness of the signs and why there was a need to post them…

  6. I like I like I like. Yes, I’d like to see a tree move location all on its own too.

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