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Dispatch from the Front… Ragbrai

RABGRAI completed day two today. This reblogged post provides a good description of what RAGBRAI appears to be – but it is so much more.


I’ve been embedded with WD-40 Bike here in Iowa since Saturday and it has been an interesting 3 days.  From a cycling support perspective, RAGBRAI is completely different than anything most of the WD-40 guys or my cohort Maynard Hershon would expect.  RAGBRAI is like Mardi Gras mixed with Bay to Breakers mixed with a County Fair mixed with Sturgis, mixed with Burning Man with some bike riding thrown in there to help combat all the calories you drank. It’s also the place where old school busses and close out cycling jerseys go to die.  So, needless to say there’s been some interesting photography.  Here’s a quick look at the happenings so far….













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