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Day #5 has come & gone already!

The rubenesque cyclist didn’t think she would be blogging from RAGBRAI. She has found time to ride the ride and is describing not only the ride, but how varied the people and landscape of Iowa is, as she passes through this midwestern state. It is well worth the time to read the story of her journey – I start with her most recent post, Day 5. (She is an excellent writer, by the way…)

Pella, Iowa in the spring, (Photo credit: cwwycoff1)

Pella, IA

Pella, IA

the rubenesque cyclist

Wow, two years ago my first RAGBRAI lasted a loooooong time, LOL. The first or second day I could barely imagine how the next five or six days would pass. This time the days have flown by!

Today’s ride was hilly again, big surprise. And I found that I was tired. My hands and wrists hurt, my foot was getting fatigued in the clipless pedal, my leg muscles are tender. But again I rode up all the hills as slowly as I needed to. Others in my camping group spoke of being tired today, so I was gratified to know it wasn’t just me. That said, I know I’m in nowhere near the discomfort I was in this time two years ago (thanks in large part, probably, to heavy use of Chamois Butt’r!).

Our first pass-through town was Pella, a very cute little Dutch town. Lots of good food! We…

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