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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece


We spent the day at the Renaissance Festival. My daughter has always been attracted by “bright, shiny objects” so the day was a huge hit –  she was sufficiently painted and decorated to consider herself a princess.

As we were leaving the wooded grounds a photographer approached with the request to take her picture. Since she (we) were on sensory overload and past nap-time, I did not consent.

My daughter insisted on the “photo op” – and now a dozen years later I am grateful that she did. I have my “Renaissance Masterpiece”

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7 replies

  1. She looks a like doll baby. So pretty.

  2. Your “Masterpiece” is beautiful. And interestingly, she has a faint resemblance to my daughter.


  1. Weekly photo challenge: Masterpiece | Welcome to allaboutwordswa!

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