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INTJ Humor – Wit and Sarcasm (or We are not known for tact…)

Unusual sarcasm notice

Unusual sarcasm notice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was asked by another blogger about the sarcastic humor attributed to the INTJ personality type (from the MBTI.)




Can you tell me more about sarcasm through the MBTI lens? I tend to interpret sarcasm as a defense mechanism, but you might have some more information about it.


Thanks for asking, but I can only answer from my perspective.  I welcome input from the perspective of other INTJ’s, and other MBTI types with this “characteristic.”




I agree that in most circumstances sarcasm is a defense mechanism. I think it is very important to consider the individual and situation when sarcasm spurts forth. My daughter uses it to goad a confrontation; when I hear sarcasm from her, I know she is trying to divert attention from the real situation. I call it “offensive sarcasm” but it is a form of a defense mechanism – she just believes she maintains the control. She is not an INTJ. I try to flex my personality to meet her needs since I am the adult, the mentoring figure.




INTJ’s put everything through a “logic filter” including emotion. If you have an emotional situation and subtract the emotion – what is left? That is what we tend to look at. Bluntly put, if it appears irrational or silly (sans emotion) it is likely to strike us as humorous, at best – at worse, we have lost all respect for the situation and person and that opens up the door to full blown sarcasm and/or obscure humorous references that the person may or may not recognize. (Again, I will stress the situation, perspective, and person involved.)




There may be instances where 2 INTJ’s are discussing a subject and it degenerates into sarcasm and obscure references. That is a good indication that they have realized the discussion has gone beyond the point of absurd and they are now making fun of their own personalities. It is unlikely that someone listening into the conversation would find the humor in the discussion, whereas the INTJ’s will continue to reference the conversation in the future, at odd times, with hysterical laughter, adding layer upon layer of absurdity.




And because this INTJ mom is exhausted from days and nights of no sleep, I will end with the promise of examples to help clarify the above – and a quote from one of my many refrigerator magnets:




“Tact is for people who are not witty enough to be sarcastic.”


to be continued….




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13 replies

  1. Thanks for the follow! 🙂 Upon reading that saying “Tact is for those not witty enough for sarcasm” I guess that is why I am considered to be diplomatic and tactful, subconsiously I know that my wit isn’t up to the rigors of sarcasm. hee, hee. I really enjoy your posts and your perspective. 🙂

    • lmao. Welcome to my crazy queendom 😉
      We definitely need diplomatic people. I think the older I get, the weaker the “tact” filter between my brain and my mouth. But most of my family is INTJ and the “witty banter” and yes, at times (scorching) sarcasm what what I grew up with.
      I did an internship with Dept of Homeland Security – representing FEMA at meetings. But the disaster was where I lived. So my boss (total beta) was always mumbling at me “We are Switzerland, we are neutral.” Because I would see the most efficient way to resolve an issue – but it was up to the local and state to make decisions, and I was not there in that capacity. I learned more about politics than I really care to know.

      I so admire people who can acknowledge and carry out the niceties of life 🙂

  2. Sarcasm is the highest form of wit (other then wicked puns and word plays), however I’m often saying things I think are sarcastic but others think I’m serious… my wife can’t even tell when I’m joking 🙂

    • Agree re wicked puns and word plays.
      Thanks for adding your input to the INTJ clarification of humor.
      Sarcasm is difficult to understand – I am realizing. Examples are on my “to do” list of things to blog…

  3. I have always enjoyed well played sarcasm. The banter is best played with those who are equal but the barbs can be sharp. The challenge is to recognize if the other party is suddenly feeling hurt by the exchange, and this is not always easy for us

    • Pat,
      I’m glad to see you up and dancing the jig! You make some good points about needing to be tuned into others…
      You easily top the list of people I know with whom banter is enjoyable…even if it has been via fb for the last many years. Your sense of humor has always tickled my funny bone 😉

  4. I never really thought about why my son and I use sarcasm in our humor, but it makes sense that my INTJ-ness contributes to it. ( He hasn’t taken the MB yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he were an INTJ.) Thanks for giving me something to ponder…

    • I never considered it much either, Carrie. I always attributed it to growing up in a large family – we all had the same dry humor, prone to sarcasm. But there are a disproportionate amount of INTJ/INTP females in the bunch vs population distribution.
      And my son is an INTJ.
      I have done more reading on MBTI personality types for addressing INTJ/INTP questions on my blog than I previously did for any coursework. I suppose I’m grateful people are interested in that and not asking me about Catholicism – my humor would go from sarcastic to twisted in no time….
      Offer up (pun intended for you Catholics out there) additional insights on the humor source vs personality type if you think of them 🙂

  5. Ah yes! Perfect! I also find I use a sarcastic tone when saying the same words dead pan would get me into trouble. For other people, the sarcasm implies its a joke, not to be taken seriously, but I use it to mask the seriousness of the actual words I’m using. A learned few understand my use of sarcasm so their appreciation of the words is much greater.

    • Interesting, Jenna! I “dead pan” with some very obvious “joke” situations and find it unbelievable that what I say is taken seriously.
      On an interesting note with this “delivery” of information, children will realize I am joking around- maybe it is because they listen to the content of what I am saying and will actually question “You are joking, right?”

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