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Kresser Ran Ragbrai 2013 – Historical Event Complete!


RAGBRAI COMPLETE! had a really excellent day of running in some of the most scenic areas of all week. Finally jumped into the Mississippi River at 2:14 this afternoon. Feels so good to be done.

Quote and picture from Kresser via

Kresser, thank you for coming back to Iowa. Thank you and your support team, your family and crew, for bringing attention to the ongoing support our veterans need. 

We discussed briefly my nephew’s situation – and your comment was to thank him for his service, among other kind words. I thank you for your service.

RAGBRAI, thank you for accommodating the “outlier.”

Iowa, thank you for your hospitality. I have never been in a more welcoming state.

I ask everyone who:

  • follows cycling,
  • knows someone who is a veteran or serves in the military,
  • serves in the military,
  • has family buried in a military grave,
  • deals with the VA system,
  • suffers from PSTD or knows someone who does,
  • has a spare $1 or more –

to visit the Facebook page Running Ragbrai 2013 and his blog (which we “blog challenged” never figured out how to import)

If you are able to make a contribution, please do so. If you are not, please pass the word of Kresser’s incredible accomplishment to others that may be able to help. Not everyone who suffers from PTSD served in the military, but much of the treatment is needed there. From their successes, others will benefit.

This concludes my sporadic RAGBRAI coverage. Congrats to all the riders who joined in the event for the first time – or if you find Iowa part of your summer annually. Remember this year, you were part of a history making event.

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