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Confessions of a Thread Hijacker

Priceless! Read the comments, also….

The Mercenary Researcher

I have something to admit.

I’m a hijacker.

Of posts and threads…

On Eraseboards….

With Chalkboards….

I can’t help myself.  As with most things I adore, I am COMPELLED. Compelled to write one liners and quippy rejoinders – I could go on for hours.  I can’t pass a dry erase board and not write something, especially if it’s been written on first. Then it’s like the marker JUMPS into my hand and before I know it – I’m writing something. Snarky.

What’s great is when you find a few people that you click with, in terms of writing style, than you can go back and forth on a thread for a long time. It must drive everyone else crazy. But you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to – that’s kind of the beauty of ‘freedom of choice’. It was easier on everybody when I was just…

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