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A Sincere Apology to My Readers and Award Nominees…

Mea Culpa

The data on suicide I posted is from the 2009, mortality data for the United States. It is relevant because suicide is considered “epidemic” in the United States. Whether that is true in your country, there are still suicides, and knowing about suicide prevention is important to saving a life. You will likely use that knowledge before you use the skills you forgot from CPR class.

I do, however, apologize for neglecting to offer a reliable reference and link to a wonderful source (for everyone) that provides literature in a multitude of languages and links to resources within countries. Please forgive the oversight and this tired mom – I had to have one of my own “chick-a-dees” admitted for observation on this very issue.

The information at the above link was compiled by  the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The above link, through the same site, links to “World Suicide Prevention Day.”

If someone from another country would like assistance with obtaining data or resources in your country, please send me a request – I am happy to assist and have ready access to data through WHO. (Really, data and research are a “hobby” for me – I don’t mind – as long as it isn’t for your homework.)

Age-standardised death rates from Self-inflict...

Not part of the picture, but from Wikipedia: Source of data: Data from Death and DALY estimates for 2004 by cause for WHO Member States (Persons, all ages). 

The legend will not download but can be viewed at:


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