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Life filtered through the lens of an INTJ, Mom, and healthcare professional.

Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow (or AnneSquared the BLOG speaks)


OMG…  There were suppose to be TWO, yes, TWO Anne’s writing this blog.  Thus, the name, AnneSquared. But, I am stuck with one of them! They both had the same personality profiles and family backgrounds, and thought it would be interesting to have a blog with a juxtaposition of similarity and differences in their lives. Probably would have been, considering they ended up in the same obscure part of the country. And they are both INTJ/INTP oddballs – though I think the one that is not blogging is more INFJ than INTP on the flex.

Enough of my complaining, let me CELEBRATE!!!  I will also include pictures from my most popular blog pages throughout this post.

I have 200 followers, thanks to:    Baddest Mother Ever

(oh, and I should say everyone else before her – such an INTJ “four paws” – if the reference confuses you.)


I, er, we started reading her after re-blogging “Progress not Perfection” and started following her after finding the post on Far Side Cartoons. She returned the “follow” and that set the tone for the rest of the day – after the coffee was being wiped off the computer screen.

200 Followers may not seem like many to most blogs, but my writer does not let me promote outside of WordPress or word-of-mouth, and this 1/2 of ANNESQUARED cannot figure out how to set up and properly maintain the technical aspects of of blog…

I am proud to say visits from more than 104 countries routinely come into ANNESQUARED. That is a lot considering the size of the blog. If I may say so, the international crowd IS a great part of my repeat business. HOWEVER… they are not all subscribers. The rascals….


I, er, we transitioned from a family focused, kinda healthcare blog to and INTJ/INTP, MBTI blog because that is what the demographics were leaning towards. Knowing that the writer of the blog identified with the people seeking information, and when you are part of a group, with <1.0% of the population (female,) you are going to have questions about who you are, and if you are OKAY, and where do you belong??!! (And I know that there are answers – the writer is no dummy – she is, after all, and INTJ 🙂  )  So, the focus has slightly shifted. A lot from the A2 original plan, a bit from solo A-squared primary plan. I told her to keep some of her interest – you know, for her morale. (You think that is right, don’t you?)


ANNESQUARED – that’s me – none the less – has won five (5) blog awards, nominated by fellow writers, er blogs, in +6 months, with only one author.  I am honored and amazed.  Considering the writer does not pay attention to the technical aspect of the blog (I believe I covered that deficit) and is writing solo on what was to be a “squared” project – I am darn proud of the accomplishments I, I mean, we, have made in the time we have been here. Especially since SHE refuses to promote us via the other social networking medias. What is with that?

I am proud of Anne, however, because she practices her creative writing skills. She is a perfectionist with her scientific data and writing, and will get lost in it for days at a time. No joke. However, she has some important human interest stories to tell, and to do that, she needs to stretch those creative muscles, long dormant from undergrad school. And I think that I am the best place for her to be right now.


I ask that you, her fellow bloggers, lend your support, your feedback, your views and clicks. That is what I need (to support her) and what she needs to continue on this path.

I am AnneSquared but she is Anne. She needs me and she needs you now. I, ANNESQUARED, cannot tell the story, without her voice. Thanks!

Informational Links:

Edit:  added +200 Sept.  18, ’13 5:30 CST – better late than never!

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7 replies

  1. Excellent work in understanding the benefits of a transition of focus, and utilizing your knowledge in an insightful manner.

    Sustained success is no secret – provide your audience with consistency, and above all else, quality. And never stop evolving.

    P.S. Thanks for the reference.

  2. WAHOOO! Glad to put you over the top. I’m an ENFP and Fartbuster was an ISTJ. I haven’t had my other husbands tested.


    Hey Anne, thanks for the visit, likes, and follow. I’m glad to have found your blog as well.

    • Yes, BB, I saw your list of 47 and the quilting and knew I was hooked! 🙂 Plus a few of the other articles I read. …

      I hope to get back in the next few days to read some more! How is the list of 47 going? You did quantify your goals, didn’t you? 😉


  1. The Invisible Post | Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)

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