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American Sign Language as a Second Language? YES! …

I always considered sign language to be an elegant language. This graded final exam takes it up a notch – and I love it! What do you think?

Literacy Rough Draft Paper (
My Eyes Were Opened! (
This Woman Doing Sign Language At A Kendrick Lamar Concert Is A True Inspiration (

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  1. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I am always fascinated by the notion of dance and music with the hearing-impaired. On a related subject, I’ve seen a couple of musicals where they had ASL interpretation or translation going on and I still can’t get my mind around what the people watching the ASL at the musical get out of the musical enough to motivate them to want to sit there. I have read a bit about it, but I just can’t quite grasp it.

    • My understanding – and I hope if there is someone w/ more knowledge, they will jump in – people with hearing impairments can feel the vibrations of the music and identify songs accordingly. That is probably a very simplistic answer, maybe not all correct, but one that I was taught in sensory processes and perceptions. Or….
      Do you mean that they would be watching the interpreter for and not watching the play?
      I never gave it much thought, really. I learned ASL when my daughter was small – after she taught herself – but I haven’t used it in years.
      Many years ago I lived in the same area where there was a state school for the deaf – the campus was not far from my home. I loved watching the signing – except when they were driving and both the driver and passenger were carrying on an animated conversation.
      No hands on the wheel and no eyes on the road.
      Same reason I tell everyone DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!

      • Oh my! Yes, part of it is not understanding how the vibrations of music feel. But part of it is that if they are watching the signing, how can they enjoy the play? I feel so obtuse.

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