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To NaNoWriMo or Not to NaNoWriMo, that is the Question….

WTF is NaNoWriMo? Everyone on this earth seems to know except for me. Goal: write a novel in a month.  I’ve been spending too much time in data-land.  Thank God for my blog family and the ongoing education I receive on a variety of subjects, including writing, photography, humor (or lack there of) if it is sarcasm.

Once I realized is was this PHENOMENON I avoided the posts. (My INTJ brain: “You can do that, just be honest. I can’t be honest, people would get in trouble.”  “Do I fictionalize the truth? What is accomplished with that? How can people appreciate the full story if I can’t tell the truth?” “Let’s see, the impacts could be profound: sigh…. this is the INTJ conversation that goes through my head every time I come close to writing “the book, the tale untold.” But, November coincides nicely with the timing of my therapy to deal with the residual effects of trauma I suffered during the (events) time frame of the book.

Up the ante, high school age daughter is participating in NaNoWriMo. I am not surprised she knew what it was – she maxed out on all AP literary coursework, last semester and has a semester of English college credits. And today I read Rachel Peterson‘s column:

A regular AnneSquared reader and supportive blogger said “What do you have to lose?” (Sorry, but I couldn’t find the comment to give you credit. – leave a message and I will modify the post!) (EDIT: “Bulging Buttons” Yes, thank you!!) Nothing really. Sanity? Time? – they are all going by the wayside regardless of whether I write the story or not.

My only problem, now, is…I need a first sentence. “I had a farm in Africa.” and  “Call me Ishmael” are used.

“I didn’t have a farm in Africa and my name is not Ismael.”

“They called me the crazy white lady with the brown baby.”

“Never underestimate what a mother will do for her child. Conception is different in the world of adoption – it begins when the decision to adopt is made.”

“There is no such thing as an ‘accidental adoption.’  “Oops, honey, the pen slipped over 35 original copies of numerous documents demanding your original signature in front of a notary.” No, it does not happen that way. And every adoption story is different. The story I have to tell, has remained locked in my head in hope that my daughter’s birth country would modify their policy and make their children available to loving homes. But seventeen years have passed and nothing has changed. It is time to tell my story.

The poll (a first for that too) will be the next entry (hopefully). SMILE. grr.

WTF – I have to sign up for this???  Seriously – a road map with instructions. No GPS, no Mapquest. Just the basics, please. I promised my daughter I would do this.

Otherwise, call me fuller-brushed 🙂 grrrr

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  1. Hi Anne, where is the link to your nanowrimo? inquiring minds want to know!

    peace, Linda

  2. Oooh, oooh, that was me! The what have you got to lose comment. Sure, time and sanity, but what the hell, you only live once. Write, baby, write!!! And honestly, if life gets in the way, I don’t there are NaNoWriMo shamers (but what do I know, this will be my first time too).


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