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The six biggest mistakes of managing an introvert

Excellent ideas for those who supervise introverts – and the companies that want to get the most of their workforce.

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  1. This is dead on accurate. I just recently quit a job where our boss was an extrovert attempting to manage two introverts. They would put both of us on the spot, oftentimes very vocally and openly criticizing my co-worker with both myself and another person in the same room/office space. Our floor plans were completely open, which made it even more uncomfortable. They liked to play loud music constantly, resulting in both of us introverts hiding behind our desks with earplugs in and “zoning” out. If they were gone for the day we suddenly would start talking to each other for the entire day and get a lot of work done…..(ironically!). I feel introverts need space, but also a chance to talk in an environment where they won’t be criticized openly.

  2. oh so true Anne, thanks for sharing! Open offices and being put on the spot in meetings, oh nooooo ..
    Diversity is not just gender or ethnicity, it is also learning style and personality type.

    • I completely agree, Linda. If only businesses would educate and rate their managers on how well they deal with people. I found great value in the Leadership Class learning to use the MBTI characteristics.
      Thanks for chiming in…

  3. Ah…I like this! Sheds light on self…maybe I’m not so weird after all. LOL

  4. Great article! I had to share it on Twitter. Thanks for directing us to it.

    • Thanks, Carrie! I hope someday all companies will take this into consideration – I know increased productivity from an employee, by making them more comfortable is a “wild and crazy” concept. 😉

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