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I have been involved with family issues for months – and that left no time for writing, especially since every computer we owned was hacked. I’m hopeful that the situation is getting resolved regarding that stalking/hacking issue because I miss reading and writing.

Family is an issue that I will need agreement to publish the stories. I wish I could wrap them in humor and write away but pure and complete exhaustion, as well as respect for the individual involved, will keep that on hold for awhile. (Yes, one of my kiddos.)

I miss everyone and hope to be back soon! And thanks to those who pop in, comment and read the blog.

Has this been a strange year for everyone?

AnneSquared (and stretched to the nth degree.)

Zoey...we miss you!

Zoey…we miss you!

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  1. I can not respond re the google ap so hope this gets to you. Get back on facebook or e-mail when you can Love you and miss you

    • Check your facebook email/message “other” folder – has new friend request. I had to start a new account. Lost all my computers, printers, etc. and months of work. Creep even picked up one of my computers at geek squad and I told them to ask for id even from me.
      SO… no numbers, emails, etc. 😦

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