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To Be, or Not to be (AnneSquared.)

I am a few months past the one year anniversary date of blogging. Due to a persistent hacker that wiped out computer after computer, and the lack of cooperation from the local “Mayberry RFD” police department that claimed “hacking was not a crime (OMG, read the gd legislative code – also known as LAWS) who told me I had to “prove” I was being hacked, the forced hiatus and return to AnneSquared has me wondering…

I started the blog with the intention of practicing my creative writing skills, but the “INTJ” in my descriptive title soon became the main draw for readers, or rather unregistered visitors. I am grateful for their visits since my blog stats did not suffer with my absence. (Yeah, I like stats.) I am blessed with close to 300 subscribers and for me, that is an incredible number since I am not famous, published in the mainstream media, and have a tendency to vary my topics more than the weather varies in the midwest during spring (a big no-no in blogging.) Not to mention that I still have not mastered the nuances of the technical aspects of the computer program for writing a clever blog with pictures, movies, etc. Yeah, I’m a typical INTJ.

But in the last year I have been honored with awards from fellow writers, given encouragement and kudos from some very talented writers. I have laughed and cried while reading the stories of others; learned a new appreciation for photography by finding some incredible artists. I’ve watched other blogs blossom with subscribers 10 times the number I have, while others are gone – and I wonder what happened to the authors and are they ok…

Thank you for your support and time over the last year. Besides the awards (yes, I like the awards) I am in awe of some of my stats (see how I put two things I like in the one section? It would have been 3 but chocolate doesn’t travel well over the internet.)

Over 40,000 visits in a year with visitors from 158 countries! I consider myself a “global citizen” and my readers are from all over the world – with the exception of a few sub-Saharan African countries (which I have visited, hehum) which is understandable given the wars, epidemics, lack of electricity, etc. (which is why I went to those countries.) Though not on the map, I managed the continent of Antartica, thanks to my brother-in-law who has family working on the continent. Haven’t heard from the space station yet, but I’d bet there is an INTJ up there occasionally!

I read through my articles of the past week as I considered whether to forge ahead with this blog, ignore it, start a new one…? I didn’t get my book written in November, and a great deal has happened in my life and the lives of my children, since then. I still have my stalker/hacker, but since I know who it is and have 20 gig of data plus 20,000 printed pages, not to mention a forensic analyst who pulled it out should court become a reality, I am no longer gathering and sorting through data (a form of research leading to statistics, fyi. :)) So, back to blogging!

So, dear subscribers who have experience – do I start fresh? And readers who cruise in, out, read, copy and don’t leave a comment or subscribe… hundreds of hits a day tell me you come here for a reason. But right now, unless I hear from some of you that this is good/helping/interesting, I am going to stop making assumptions and make my decisions without your input (which, as an INTJ, I value.)

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  1. Thanks for reading and commenting. The hacking has been extremely costly in time, money and emotion. The security company I hired said they rarely see it on this level – only corporations and “terrorists” (of which category my teen daughter puts me in :))
    IMO the corporations that have the technology are also guilty with their denial claiming time and again that “it’s impossible.” Ironic that Apple has been so quiet on their “MIM” issue and “heartbleed” (is that the right term” is showing that our “safe” system of internet communication is severely compromised.

    I admit my INTJ came our full tilt when told it was “impossible” – I know way more about internet/bluetooth/mobile technology and security that I ever wanted to…a “techie” I am not 😛

    I don’t even know about blog platforms other than this one (big target because it is so popular and widely used, btw.)

  2. I was happy to see your post pop up on my WordPress reader, so I can say “Welcome Back!” But hacking?! What an enormous pain! If you tell us that you are moving to a new platform/blog, we will follow!

  3. Sorry to hear about your stalker/hacker problems. That sounds horrible.

    I vary my topics, so I guess I’m committing that no-no, but if I write posts only about writing, I alienate other followers who aren’t as interested in fiction writing. I have no helpful advice for you, but I suspect if you post, people will come. 🙂

    • Thanks for your input, Carrie. I guess we INTJ’s are always the ones committing the no-no’s 😉
      The past 6 months plus were very difficult and I had to change a lot of my methods of coping. Now the mental debate is adding another, or changing the blog because my entire life has changed. I’ve had stalkers before, but in my typical fashion, didn’t notice it until I was told about it after the fact. This one was so invasive it changed a great deal of our lives.
      But some good things have happened, also…

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