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Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fiction – 100 words is the ideal to “story” the picture of the week.

Photo Prompt Jennifer Pendergast

Photo Prompt
Jennifer Pendergast

 Reaching Heaven Through Architecture

archways reach to the heavens.
hallowed and hell-bound tucked into nooks,
saints and demons – all have a gory story.

signs of the trinity glassed in windows
father, son, and holy ghost
forever present to those looking in and peering out.

crests of pomp and position remind
that separation of church and state is
a myth of mystical proportions.

signs that redemption and everlasting
life are obtained by following the well-worn
path of pave-stones trod by masses.

however, I will bolt through
the unbolted, open wide archway doors and fly –
freedom. likely heaven-bound, a chance I’ll take.


100 words (exclusive of title)


Comments and critiques welcome 🙂


I thank my parents for the liberal art degree, all tuition paid provided it was obtained at Catholic colleges. One would think a couple of Marquette grads would know better than to have me taught by Jesuits. 😉

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24 replies

  1. I like how you express your message of social commentary in this poem, especially since I’m biased on your end of the spectrum. I hope I would enjoy your poem just as much if you and I disagreed about the value of church/state separation, well-worn paths, and freedom.

    I like how you studied the photo, and brought out the symbolism in an insightful way.

    (From an INFJ perspective)

  2. Anne, I saw the detail when you described it. Very interesting. Those old buildings are so artistic. The buildings on some campuses look like office buildings. Well-written story. 🙂 —Susan

  3. I’m with this narrator! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice detailed story-poem 🙂
    I have one too 🙂

  5. MY favorite line is, “crests of pomp and position remind that separation of church and state is a myth of mystical proportions.”
    How can one separate what one believes from what one stands for?

    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Since I’m not sure if your question is rhetorical, (to my personality type, I rarely treat questions as such 😉 ) I will answer …
      IMO one can have believes and “stand for” something, but utlimately have a choice to act upon them or not. If your question is in reference to line you quoted, my thoughts on that were more from a historial perspective – ties with the Church to political figures, Royal families, etc.
      All of the architectural references, the details in the picture, were decisively placed for a reason.
      While yearly college requirements for art, philosophy, theology were not appreciated at the time I was earning Degree I, I was fascinated to see it all tied together during the coursework (not to mention the amount of trivia I retained from so many years ago.)

      • Yes it was a rhetorical question.
        I quoted the line because I liked it. It is thought provoking.
        It’s interesting to learn how in depth that line is.
        It’s nice to know all that study in art, philosophy, theology is useful today and adds depth to your writing.

  6. Nicely done-rhythmic detail of the photo.prompt. Stirring.

  7. Dear Anne,

    There’s a lot to see in that archway. You’ve illustrated it well.



  8. Dear Annesquared,

    I love a person who sees the details and even more so, one who can craft a good poem from them. Well done.



  9. An all encompassing take on the prompt. Full marks for observation.

  10. Wow! You managed to fit a lot of precise language into that 100 words. Good job, interesting perceptions, too.

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