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Six Reasons I Do Not Have a Bucket List

I never heard of a bucket list until fairly recently. Once I learned what it was, I thought “wtf?!!”

Six Reasons I Don’t Have a Bucket List

  1. How long do I have on this earth? I don’t like putting off things off. If I want something, I set a goal and go for it. Sometimes I obtain the goal, other times I stop the process knowing that the goal wasn’t really something I wanted.
  2. The things I have yet to accomplish are in-depth and time consuming. I don’t think these are “bucket list” items.
  3. I’ve accomplished many things that I see on other bucket lists.
  4. Bungie jumping and parachuting hold no appeal for me.
  5. I always forget where I put a list, so it wouldn’t do much good to have one. This is tried and true with grocery lists, “things to do today” lists, password lists…
  6. If I saw someone who needed a bucket, I’d empty mine and give it to them.

Now, I have a “Someday I would really like to…” list, which is different than “the things I want to accomplish list” but not really bucket list stuff…

  1. Ride horseback across the country.
  2. Drive an awesomely fast car on the autobahn.


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  1. Thanks for visiting and liking my post! I’m with you on your “Someday I would really like to…” #2. Vrooom!

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