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Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

Unlocking my mind for 20 minutes to a stream of thoughts seems to be, well, not the greatest idea … I can drive 12 hours, alone, arrive at my destination and realize I never turned the radio on. Too much going on in my head (but only one voice) ranging from world hunger, black holes, highway design, to “blah, blah, blah.” (The latter is generally filler material of great ideas which I forget when an erratic driver annoys me and I switch to “How can people be so stupid?” mode.

It is probably a bit safer for me to mention two three recently main preoccupations:

1. Getting a horse. I believe I found one, but now I have to figure the logistics of getting it here. It’s a 3-4 hour drive and money is a bit tight. (The horse is a rescue adoption.)

2. Expanding and/or modifying blog which has a very specific audience, most are not blog followers, but there is interest. But that topic is not why I started the blog.

I believe part of my problem is not fully understanding the logistics of organization. Has anyone changed/expanded their site? How did you handle it?

3. Writing my daughter’s adoption story – which is why I started the blog: to gain non-scientific writing experience before attempting something that will be rather controversial. It has been 18 years and the story still haunts me. My hope is that by telling the story, it will get out of my head.

Oh good, 20 minutes and done.

Over and out, AnneSquared.

Midwest Springtime Storm

Midwest Springtime Storm




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7 replies

  1. OK, horse, done. (right?) Daughter’s adoption story? How is it going?

    • Busted me 🙂 Actually ended up w/ 2 horses instead of one and they have been very time consuming! And also very therapeutic for the PTSD I am dealing with d/t incidents on the adoption. Secret out…
      I can write in very small amounts or risk triggering flashbacks, so am going very slowly on this… she’s 18 and knows I’m writing it. But I’ve also held off b/c the adoption community is extremely hostile to any negative personal stories – my INTP brain takes over too much 😉

  2. I like the tag “blah”…very funny! The adoption story sounds very interesting; I’m intrigued. Your blog audience: who are you targeting? I came here because you identified yourself as an INTJ. I enjoy this particular personality type! 🙂

    • Are you an INTJ?
      Not really targeting anyone, but the INTJ is googled a lot and I get several hundred visits a day from people who are not subscribed. I started writing to hone my creative writing skills – have spent my entire career in medical/scientific writing. (Ironically I wanted to be an English teacher all through HS – love literature and writing. I’m just not real creative.
      My goal is to write my daughter’s adoption story…

  3. Yes! The autopilot driving. Been there done that, like always!
    Great work, and I love how adopting a horse seems so casual to you. hahaha

    This is my assignment:

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