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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo’s, Week 14 – “Ewwww! But how?”

 I have a number of very oddball pictures!

I was unpacking from my recent move and found a camera I hadn’t seen/used in a number of years. I flipped through 139 photos of my son’s high school graduation. Photos 140-143 perplexed me for a few minutes. (I will mention I have worked in human and animal medicine most of my life, so my curiosity got the best of me.)




The elderly home owners didn’t use poisons.

The body was found between 2 traps w/ no visible trauma.

The body was found between 2 traps w/ no visible trauma

A live mouse will send me into terrors, though I can deal with bees, spiders, snakes, etc.

This one became a curiosity. (I was glad it was not my home, but that of a friend’s elderly parents. Yes, we called an exterminator before we left.) Thankfully she is an INTJ, too – our curiosity as to COD (cause of death) overrode the “Ewwww” instinctive reaction.

Odd pictures and odd (but typical) INTJ reactions.

RIP critter. COD undetermined.


My “contribution” to Sunday, week 14 –


Kinda, semi-related:









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