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An INTJ regarding ….  GOALS!

Stephen Hawking - an INTJ - on "Goals"

Stephen Hawking – an INTJ – on “Goals”

Can you identify with this? Name one or two of your major goals…

Some of my goals:

Short term: adopt a horse;

Long term: write the story of my daughter’s adoption.

Full disclosure: Will need things to do to distract from longterm goal, so may work on a blog for awhile. Is anyone interested in a healing, alternative (but also western medicine) approach ranging from prenatal to end-of-life?
A wide-ranging healthcare blog? Want to explore art therapy, animals in medical treatment and diagnostic work, cultural influences on healing to zoonotic disease.
Set a goal and the sky is the limit with this! And compared to our “guest” INTJ, the goal is very tame.

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4 replies

  1. Short term: Complete several years of math in 5 months so I can attend college early.
    Long term: become an astrophysicist.
    No one thinks I can do it which is actually helpful. Is it just me, or is it easier and more enjoyable to accomplish something if no one thinks you can?

  2. Short Term: Attend Law School
    Long Term: Establish a not-for-profit agency that offers sliding scale/free legal services to parents/guardians of special education students needing advocacy in the public school system

    • Hi Dana – Thanks for stopping by and talking about your goals. I think the service you want to offer is a wonderful idea and greatly needed for special ed kids – on both ends of the spectrum. When do you plan to start law school?

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