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A New Fragrance!! for my Summer Scent….

Seasonal Scent — what’s the smell you associate the most with summer?

Summers-gone-by smelled like chlorine, baby oil and Coppertone lotion.

Add the smells of freshly mowed grass and the sometimes welcome rain … Those were the daily fragrances of my childhood, teen years, and the many spent as a stay-at-home-mom. (Full disclosure – add sweaty baseball uniforms with a hint a grass and dust to the SAHM years.)

This summer began cold and wet. My youngest graduated high school this spring, and my life has changed. I haven’t been to the pool yet, but my summer is filled with a perfume, the BEST perfume, ever! If you love horses, that is…

My early memories of the pool are sprinkled with memories of the occasional pony ride-in-a-circle, where at the age of four they had me leading a pony because I kept getting back in line to ride them. My passion for horses only increased as I grew older, but my parents would not let me have a horse: “We can’t afford it, there are too many kids in the family.” My 9 year old INTJ mind questioned why we couldn’t get rid of a few kids so I could have a horse… (I think my parents thought I was joking.)

Had I a horse, my summers would have smelled like this one has; I adopted a couple horses and have been spending the days at the horse barn. Hay, alfalfa, leather, grain, dust, sweat, horses (yes, and horse poop) combine into a perfect perfume! They are healing me probably more than I am helping them…

This summer is a new beginning for me, for my new family members. And if I only smell chlorine from the bottle of bleach, or the pool as I walk past, I will have no regrets. I am in horse heaven!


Heavenly – Horses and Hay!

INTJ, Horses

Horses are Heaven-scent!

INTJ Horses

The Horse Farm with One of the Stables

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5 replies

  1. So…did you get a horse? I really enjoyed how you broke down the various phases of life into smells, very unique and true! I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts about horses to see why you love them so much. I’m really afraid of them…and I love animals! Have a fun summer. 🙂

    • I took in 2 horses! lol. (The racing industry has been flooding the market with “rejects” and there are some wonderful animals that need love and care.)
      I’ve gone through phases of being afraid of horses – usually after an “incident” with one horse or another. My “x” – a former veterinarian – hated horses and that was one compromise I made early on in the marriage – gave up my horses. (Big Red Flag that I ignored.) For 20 years I pieced together lessons and rode horses whenever I got the chance, at a stable near our home. The lessons helped build my confidence after an “incident” with one horse or another would leave me fearful – but because I was leasing, “my horse” would often be sold or gone when I’d show up at the stable and I’d have to find another one.
      But I love the animals so much, I’d “cowgirl up” and work with an instructor – built my skills and leg muscles, too.
      I have been trying to restructure my blog – very slow process – but the pics and stories of “the girls” will be coming soon!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to acclimate to your oldest being done high school. Mine will graduate next year. I can hardly believe it. Guess I better find a new summer smell, too!

    • Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes as we get older? I am back to where I was in my 20’s – one cat, one dog and a couple of horses…plus 2 grown kids. The oldest started college at 17, graduated at 20 and is now working on his career! He turned 21 a couple months ago. The youngest will be 18 in a few weeks and is rarely here – I raised them to be independent, and they are (sniff…)

      But I tightened the financial belt and took in two horses. I know a couple of young teens who are as crazy about horses as I was, and this gives them a chance to ride. And I get a cheerful companion for the trips to the barn.

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