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Darkness Along the Path INTJ Style


Through the INTJ mind:

Where most people do not see possibilities or, as stated in the title – darkness – INTJ’s see opportunities. If the concept is not feasible at the time, after it has been given consideration, it is discarded (or more appropriately stated, put on a shelf for consideration at a later date.)

INTJ, darkness, reassurance

Darkness Along the Path.
Full quote by:
Jean-Pierre de Caussade
Photo: AnneSquared.

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2 replies

  1. Hi, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can see it on my blog at: If you choose to nominate your fellow bloggers, all you have to do is share with 15 bloggers and share their links. And then link back to my blog. You don’t have to do the 7 facts about yourself. Thanks, Susanne

    • Susan,
      Wow, thank you – I’m very flattered that you nominated me for the award. I accept! I’ll even do the 7 facts … I believe in spreading my dysfunction as far and wide as possible 😉

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