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INTJ / INTP and Leaps of Logic – Are they logical?

I enjoy reading the posts on other INTJ and INTP personality types – we know we are few and far between. Because I like to take tests and to test systems, I have run through some of the online “mini” tests to evaluate accuracy. No scientific evaluation, just a fun thing to do, like taking my blood pressure with an automatic pump at the pharmacy. (I know the machine is just giving me a “ball park” reading, I just want to see where in the park the ball lands.)

Most people have not worked with a trained professional on the MBTI assessment, which is based on Jungian Theory. Nor do they know that other theorists (professionals) have further developed the MBTI assessment tool and interpretations and uses. The further development and applications are beyond my ability to explain – I am not trained in that area – however, I have been taken the assessments and worked with professionals to utilize the tools for a full, professional interpretation of the results.

The reliability and validity – two very important measures of any test – have increased significantly with the development of the tools (MBTI.) The written assessments and subsequent training I received was extensive. I incorporated it into my INTJ brain and now it is part of my “tool kit.”

Here is a link if anyone wants more information on the full test for personality typing and interpretation of the results. What you find for free on the internet? It lands you in the ballpark, at best.

Anyone else take the formal MBTI then test on the net with the free tests? What were your results?

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9 replies

  1. Running on ENTP; all moderate except strong P.

  2. ESFJ. I think we are a bit different. 🙂

  3. Before being offered a position with 3M many years ago, I had to take the formal MTBI, and was scored as INTJ. I took one of the longer, FREE on-line MTBIs about a year ago and was also scored INTJ. It’s been consistent for me.

  4. I have done a ton of reading as well as taken a lot of online/paper-pencil tests to determine my INFJ personality type. I find that certain personality types are much more interested in this than others. A lot of people really don’t care beyond the cursory…What are my letters?? And then moving on with it. I find personality type fascinating and helpful, but it seems the average person does not!

    • Now I am curious… What personality types do you identify as the “average person”?

      • Poor word choice first of all. But, when personality types are divided into four categories: rationals, idealists, artisans, and guardians, it has been my observation that only rationals and idealists are interested in studying personality type. The overwhelming majority of people in the world fall into the artisan or guardian categories. These categories are from Keirsey’s book Please Understand Me. I really hate the title of that book; it sounds so needy. However, it is an amazing book.

        • Thanks for clarifying. I’ve read the book and agree with you re the title 🙂
          I wish the “jargon” would be the same across the board – regardless of the author or theorist – I think it would make learning and applying the science (and research) easier for all disciplines.

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