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#BringBackOurGirls 100 days later

What would you be doing if your daughter were among the kidnapped?
Seriously, what would you do?
Your child may not be among this group of girls, but they are all someone’s child. So decide to do something! Make a commitment by adding it in your blog and linking it back here.
Let’s be on the side of the children… All children.

postscript: I read 11 of the parents have died in the fighting since the kidnapping.

So now your daughter is kidnaped and you are gone. What would YOU want OTHERS to do?


the brixton housewife

Over the past 100 days I have:

pottered in my garden.


helped my husband lay new flooring.

written school reports.

protested for Palestine.

bitched with friends.

received flowers.

been overdrawn.

attended a street festival.

laid in the sunshine.

argued with loved ones.

bought new artwork.


witnessed the dashed hopes and dreams of a nation.

taught Zumba to my class.


received callaloo and cabbage seeds from a stranger.

hoovered (ok I’m not fooling anyone) hoovered.

listened to my unborn baby’s heartbeat.

felt fat.

stalked on Facebook.

watched a human chess match.


found it impossible to sleep.

eaten Nandos.

watched TV.

participated in a treasure hunt.

joined the TEDx Brixton event team.

had a pedicure.

rushed to hospital.

attended a beautiful wedding.

Over the past 100 days the Chibok girls have:


How quickly the world forgets. ©Sarah Peace How quickly the world forgets. Photograph S Peace ©

Yesterday marked 100 days since the girls…

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7 replies

  1. Thank you for reminding us to think outside of ourselves.

  2. Yes! We must all quick the pressure up to bring our girls home xx

    BH xx

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