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Witchcraft vs. Wicca

Most people have difficulty understanding their own religion’s beliefs, unless the system is very narrow and spoonfed, leaving no room for questioning. (Why did The Almighty, Supreme Being, [add your God(s) name here] give us a brain?) Though raised in a strict Catholic family, we were taught to respect the beliefs of others. Mandatory university theology courses offered comparative religion (and tolerance) of those. My children attended a non-denominational Christian school. I was regularly deprogramming them “…yes, a catholic is a Christian….” I’ve covered that topic before. I continue on my quest to provide information to people interested in learning about other cultures and belief systems. Here is a good one!!!

Pagan Connection

Witchcraft is the practice of magic.
Wicca is a religion.
Not all witches are Wiccan, and not all Wiccans are Witches.
You can be one or both.
Never Assume.

Some Wiccan traditions use more witchcraft than others. There are differences in all the traditions and there is not a standard that is accepted and used by all. Always ask what they actually practice, before you make assumptions. I am an Eclectic Wiccan. I practice very little of the actual witchcraft, and more focused prayers with intent and goals personally. It is why you find more chants posted by me, because they are what I use in a prayer form. Everyone is entitled to do things their own way.

Blessed Be


Blessed Be


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  1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Susanne. I like to reblog posts for a variety of reasons – learning a new tidbit of info seems like a good reason. I’m glad you were open to reading it.

  2. This was very interesting. I never knew the difference before. Thanks, Susanne

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