Anne Squared

Life filtered through the lens of an INTJ, Mom, and healthcare professional.


Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers – A weekly challenge to write a 100 word story in response to a pictorial prompt. Coveted Coven’s conventions convened with each new moon. Candlelight let members avoid hazards, save one wicked Wiccan who tripped on a cord. MaryPat slapped a hand over Teresa’s mouth to stop The Reverse-Saturation Incantation Teresa hurled in AnnMarie’s direction. “…and ‘witch to battery, ‘tupid!” did no damage, other than fling a little […]

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Six Reasons I Do Not Have a Bucket List

I never heard of a bucket list until fairly recently. Once I learned what it was, I thought “wtf?!!” Six Reasons I Don’t Have a Bucket List How long do I have on this earth? I don’t like putting off things off. If I want something, I set a goal and go for it. Sometimes I obtain the goal, other times I stop the process knowing that the goal wasn’t […]

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