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Family Issues

Witchcraft vs. Wicca

Originally posted on Pagan Connection:
Witchcraft is the practice of magic. Wicca is a religion. Not all witches are Wiccan, and not all Wiccans are Witches. You can be one or both. Never Assume. ? Some Wiccan traditions use more witchcraft than others. There are differences in all the traditions and there is not a standard that is accepted and used by all. Always ask what they actually practice, before…

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#BringBackOurGirls 100 days later

Originally posted on the brixton housewife:
Over the past 100 days I have: pottered in my garden. tweeted. helped my husband lay new flooring. written school reports. protested for Palestine. bitched with friends. received flowers. been overdrawn. attended a street festival. laid in the sunshine. argued with loved ones. bought new artwork. laughed. witnessed the dashed hopes and dreams of a nation. taught Zumba to my class. cried. received callaloo…

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A New Fragrance!! for my Summer Scent….

ITNJ Horses

Seasonal Scent — what’s the smell you associate the most with summer? Summers-gone-by smelled like chlorine, baby oil and Coppertone lotion. Add the smells of freshly mowed grass and the sometimes welcome rain … Those were the daily fragrances of my childhood, teen years, and the many spent as a stay-at-home-mom. (Full disclosure – add sweaty baseball uniforms with a hint a grass and dust to the SAHM years.) This summer […]

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