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Family Issues

Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt Jennifer Pendergast

Friday Fiction – 100 words is the ideal to “story” the picture of the week.  Reaching Heaven Through Architecture archways reach to the heavens. hallowed and hell-bound tucked into nooks, saints and demons – all have a gory story. signs of the trinity glassed in windows father, son, and holy ghost forever present to those looking in and peering out. crests of pomp and position remind that separation of church and […]

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I have been involved with family issues for months – and that left no time for writing, especially since every computer we owned was hacked. I’m hopeful that the situation is getting resolved regarding that stalking/hacking issue because I miss reading and writing. Family is an issue that I will need agreement to publish the stories. I wish I could wrap them in humor and write away but pure and […]

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