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First Confession

First Confession of a Seven-Year Old “Bless me father for I have sinned. I touched a man where I shouldn’t.” “Who?” “He said I’d burn in hell if…” “Who!!” “Father Hetterman.” “Say 5 ‘Hail Mary’s” and tell no one.” ~~~ 33 words The Trifextra challenge this weekend is a thirty-three word confession, fiction or non-fiction. A click on the symbol will take you to rules and links to other authors.  

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Germ Warfare 2 (or Twisted Sisters)

I am especially sensitive to good health hygiene after working in the medicine and public health. I’ve swabbed, sampled, cultured, grew and studied many pathogens in class and for work. I have also studied, worked and planned for real and potential epidemics. At work I am driven to distraction when co-workers insist on coming into work during the contagious cycle of an illness, do not properly cover a cough or sneeze, […]

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