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Tasha the Fairy Godmother is very short blog about one my daughter’s reference to one of our cats. A cute quip.

I have always silently called Tasha “Houdini” because we have an ongoing battle once spring arrives – she attempts to escape the house  anytime she can. Last night, through a series of “misunderstandings” (2 new teen friends that ignored house rules about closing doors to the outside) Tasha left the house. While she is good about returning inside on the command “house”, I didn’t know she was outside, and let the dogs into the back yard. They didn’t recognize T and scared the bejeezus out of her and she took refuge under the deck.
This morning she is gone. I know all the tricks of the trade for finding a lost cat and the plan has been implemented. This past week I managed to bring my anxiety and stress to a manageable level – all of that is out the window.  I am to blame for the disappearance of the Fairy Godmother. Just ask my daughter – she will gladly provide a list of all my shortcomings that lead the the disappearance of T the FG.
Dear Fairy Godmother – Please come back. Or at least send your magic wand.  We are all missing you. While I am not the sort to bargain with or bribe children – name your price or I am doomed. Signed, Her Highness, Queen of Anne2 Kingdom. (I think she made off with my crown.)  

crown point

View from my Castle

The cat could be anywhere in the midwest of the USA.

The Crown of Rudolf II later became the imperi...

My missing crown – aka -(The Crown of Rudolf II later became the imperial crown of the Austrian Empire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you see a large grey cat, no collar, with this crown – you know who to call.

crown fire

Doom aka Kinda like an angry teen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angry teens with loud voices (and big fires) scare off animals.

This I know. I am, afterall, the Queen an INTJ Mom.

The Fairy Godmother Disappeared (or I am Doomed!)