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Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt Jennifer Pendergast

Friday Fiction – 100 words is the ideal to “story” the picture of the week.  Reaching Heaven Through Architecture archways reach to the heavens. hallowed and hell-bound tucked into nooks, saints and demons – all have a gory story. signs of the trinity glassed in windows father, son, and holy ghost forever present to those looking in and peering out. crests of pomp and position remind that separation of church and […]

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Trifextra: Week Seventy

“What?!! I don’t believe you! You are lying…” “I’m sorry, I didn’t…I mean I…” “Shut-up! No more, you idiot, stupid fool. The next time you plan a picnic, bring the fucking picnic basket.” 33 words total The Trifextra challenge this weekend:exactly 33 words inspired by the picture at the top.

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Friday Fictioneers – Heat of the Night

Photograph, Copyright – Danny Bowman ~~~~ The heat of the night The panic pervasive I reach for the phone Dial tone? It’s dead. Pumped full of quarters I hear A connection – 911’s ringing but no One is answering what’s happening? “911 what’s your emergency?” Oh Thank God! Panic is absolute I tell of the danger the footsteps the evil. Come help me! Where are you? I don’t know! Can’t you […]

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