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'Only' 14 Million Miles Away (NASA, Hartley 2,...

‘Only’ 14 Million Miles Away (NASA, Hartley 2, Comet, 10/06/10) (Photo credit: NASA)

“Do you have the magic sleeping dust?”


“Should I sprinkle it, or do you want to?”

“You do, Mommy, here.”

“Round I turn and and when I do,

The Sleeping Dust I send to you.

Like a big hug from Mom, once I’m gone,

It stays with you all night long.”

“Did it cover you up?”

Smiling face, “Music, please. Love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Music Note

Music Note (Photo credit: all that improbable blue)

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Trifecta: Summer (days gone by…)

Long Summer Days Gone By…  Lying sunward, eyes closed. Chlorine, Coppertone, Lemon juice, Herbal Essence, Burgers, fries, Fresca, Baby oil, Flex Shampoo, whispered secrets, Warm beach towels, baking bodies, Lifeguard whistle, Drift to sleep…. “MARCO” “POLO” Damn. Flip-so-tan’s-even. ~~33 words~~ Summers were predictable and soothing. Our mothers watched us as young children, we were on our own as soon as we could swim the length of the olympic sized pool. We […]

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